• Enriched Air Nitrox Diver – Learn Nitrox PADI Enriched Gas up to 40% O2
  • Sidemount Diver – Fancy a bit on the side? Two Tanks Side Mounted
  • Wreck Diver – Learn the Best practices to approach Wreck Diving
  • Drift Diver – Strong Current? No Problem, Lets Drift With it!
  • Deep Diver – The Deeper You Go The Better It Feels
  • Night Diver – Find Out What The Pattaya Night Life Is Like… On The reefs
  • Search and Recovery Diver – Know What To Do If you Drop Some Gear Overboard…
  • Navigation Diver – Point Your Dive Skills In The Right “Direction”
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – Control Is The Key To Mastery
  • Digital U/W Photography – Take Only Pictures, Keep Nothing But Memories
  • Equipment Specialist – Learn Your Gear and Have No Fear!


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