5 Reasons You Should Own a Dive Computer


Long gone are the days when we whipped out our dive tables in between dives to calculate our surface interval and plan the max depth and available time of our second dive. Who even keeps a dive table in their bag anymore? Dive computers have become an integral part of scuba diving. Almost all dive stores even supply dive computers with their rental regulators. So chances are, if you are a new diver, you have never even been on a dive without a dive computer.

With all of this focus now on dive computers nowadays, don’t you think it’s about time you bought your own and stopped renting or borrowing one? If you still need convincing, here is our list of the top 5 Reasons You Should Own A Dive Computer:

Reason #1: Accuracy

A dive computer is much more accurate than using dive tables (and WAY more modern). Dive computers track your dive metre-by-metre, minute-by-minute to give you the most accurate no-decompression time. This function allows you to stay safely underwater as long as possible, whereas, dive tables are only based on the deepest part of your dive, not crediting you for the shallower parts. If you are an Advanced diver who can dive between the 20m to 30m depths then you really can’t afford to use a table when using a dive computer or dive computer and nitrox combo you could as much as double your bottom time. So, if want to get the most out of your time underwater, use a dive computer!

Dive Computers
Dive Computers

Reason #2: Ascent Rate Monitor

All modern dive computers come with built in ascent rate monitors. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Don’t ascend faster than your smallest bubble.” Well, when does that bubble get too big? When are you supposed to follow up a new “smallest bubble?” That saying is as outdated as the dive tables themselves. Dive computers eliminate the ascent guessing game by monitoring your ascent speed with visual and audible alarms. The last thing you want as a diver is to come accidentally up too fast and end up with DCS hit.

Reason #3: Safety

Your life is in much better hands relying on a computer to track your diving and tell you what to do than yourself. Ever heard of something called “human error?” It happens all the time and you DON’T want it happening to you when you’re calculating your no-decompression time. You certainly don’t want to start “guesstimating” your ascent speed when you are coming up for your dive. If your computer is air-integrated, it will help to make your air last longer by calculating exactly how much time you have left before you breathe through all of your air. This gas-remaining time is calculated based on your exact depth and air consumption rate. Computers are just safer. Period. Of course, any advanced diver will know not to switch his brain off when he turns his dive computer on!

Dive Computer Safety Features:

Ascent Rate Monitor

Accurate Depth/Time Recordings

Decompression Rates Automatically Calculated

Air-Integration (on some computers)

Dive Computers

Reason #4: On-going Dive Log

When is the last time you seen someone is come up from their dive, check all of their gauges and record all of their dive stats into a paper dive log immediately after diving? If you don’t have a dive computer keeping track of your diving stats for you, chances are, you will forget the details by the time you make it home, clean your gear and get settled. Dive computers are like having a built-in, automatic dive log that keeps all of that info for you. And most of them are compatible with your home computer so you can download it onto your PC or Mac and keep an ongoing file at home. In fact, a dive computer dive log usually records more information than a log book giving you a much more in-depth dive profile.

Reason #5: Dive Nitrox

Most modern computers are now capable of calculating your no-decompression time, dive time, etc. using Enriched Air Nitrogen (or Nitrox). Have you ever seen all those different Nitrox tables?? If you thought the basic dive tables were confusing, pull out the Nitrox ones! Luckily the days of Nitrox table are long gone with nearly all dive agencies teaching a dive computer only nitrox course. So if you want to breathe the good stuff, you got to buy a dive computer.

Caution: Another chance for human error!

You may plan for a certain mix, but when you analyze your gas, and you should always analyze your own gas before diving with nitrox, you may come up with something else. Leave the Nitrox calculations to the master calculator: your computer! All you need to do is set it to the right mix and go dive. How easy is that?!? No wonder the Nitrox Course is Computer only nowadays! So, do yourself a favor and do the one thing that is guaranteed to make your diving lifestyle easier, less stressful and much safer: Buy A Dive Computer Today!