Seafari Nudibranch

Nudi Branch Diving In Pattaya

Nudibranchs are amazing tiny little sea life critters! These sea slugs are popular for Macro underwater photography and diving in Pattaya can be a hotspot for them! Pattaya dive sites offer many varieties and even more can be found down around the nearby Samae San Islands. Did you know there are currently more than 2000…


Welcome To Seafari Dive Center Pattaya Thailand

  Seafari Dive Center is located just off Pattaya Beach in Pattaya. Seafari was the first scuba diving operation to open in Pattaya and one of the first in Thailand. Founded by Bill Burbridge back in 1970. Bill Burbridge, the founder of Seafari, sure had some interesting stories to tell. He made Thailand his home for 32 years and…