Is Scuba Diving A Good Workout?

Scuba diving appears to be so relaxing because of the slow motion style of finning and the perfect buoyancy control used by the diver. With a Gentle kick of the fins it takes very little effort to propel yourself through the water and hover over a beautiful coral reef. So, why do we feel so tired after a day of scuba diving?

5 Reasons for Learning to Scuba Dive.

Many people are curious about breathing and swimming underwater. Well if you don’t try it, then you will never know. Like the old PADI video says ‘It feels strange the first time’ and it’s so true, those first few breaths you take do seem a little strange. All you have to do is keep on breathing and see where it takes you. Here are some reasons for taking the plunge and learning to Scuba Dive.

PADI Womens Day With Seafari July 2018

PADI Womens Day Seafari Event July 18

PADI Womens Day event With Seafari July 2018 The very first PADI Womens Day event took place in 2015. On this day, divers from all over the world joined together to bond over their love of the ocean. This started a trend and just like our team here at Sefari, we love to invite our…

10 Scuba Diving Facts

10 Scuba Facts You May Not Know

Here at Seafari, we are scuba diving crazy, Scuba is such an amazing hobbie and life style which touches into so many cool and interesting areas it hard not to be totally obsessed with!  Well, here are some fun scuba dving fact you may not actually know about and some which are just amazing and…