Dive to 40 meters with the PADI Deep Diver Course.

Many scuba diving destinations around the world have dive sites that go beyond your advanced open water training level. You may find yourself at a dive location with a deep wall dive or a shipwreck that goes beyond 30 meters. Before attempting these types of dives you should familiarise yourself with some deep diving procedures and take the PADI deep specialty course.

Scuba Divers descending via a reference line during a Deep Dive.

Your training starts by examining the reasons for deep diving and the importance of understanding your personal depth limits. To enrol in this course you will need some deep diving experience, usually, an advanced open water certification or a deep adventure diver rating and you must be at least 15 years of age.

Deep Diver training with our PADI Speciality Instructor includes:-

Four training dives in 2 days, Deep dive planning and managing your air supply, Reviewing your buddy procedures and buoyancy control, Understanding your personal depth limits, use of deep diving equipment, emergency decompression, plus dealing with nitrogen narcosis and safety concerns.

On completion of the PADI deep diver course, you will have gained more confidence in deep-dive techniques and extended your recreational depth limit to 40 meters.

PADI Deep Diver Course, 4 dives, 2 days, cost 12,500 Baht.

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Technical Diving

During the PADI deep diver specialty course, you will remain within your no-decompression diving limits. As you will discover, your actual bottom time at 40 meters is limited by the recreational dive table or your dive computer.

If you are interested in remaining at depth for a longer period, then your dive will involve decompression procedures which means it will no longer be classed as a recreational dive and it will now become a technical dive. After completing your PADI deep diver course you can then decide if you are ready for the transition to technical diving. The first training course in the technical diving field is the PADI TEC 40 Course