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Two Exciting Try dives in Pattaya

If you have always wanted to try Scuba diving, then why not join our one day Discover Scuba program right here in Pattaya. Take your first few breaths underwater and learn some basic scuba diving skills with our PADI Instructor. A great day out for first-time divers that are curious about breathing underwater and observing some fascinating marine life. Make the most of your holiday and join us for a fun day of scuba diving at the Pattaya islands.

All rental scuba diving equipment, One-day boat trip, Two try dives with our experienced Instructors, hot lunch, drinks, and hotel transfers included. Price: 3,990 Baht. 


 PADI Discover Scuba Diving – Program Details

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program is the worlds leading try dive program.

We begin the day with a boat journey to the islands. On Board the boat, our PADI instructors will brief you on how to use your Scuba equipment and explain the safety procedures associated with the dives. At the dive site, we begin by taking you into a shallow water area to complete a few basic scuba skills. When you are comfortable with this we will take you on a guided tour of the coral reef. Two dives per day, each lasting around 40 mins with a lunch break in between. Snorkeling friends can also join the dive boat and snorkel at the same two locations. This is a fun day out and a great experience for all.

Medical statement

The minimum age for the discover scuba diving program is 10 years old. There is no upper age limit as long as you are in good health. You will be required to complete the

PADI Medical form and answer ‘No’ to all of the questions. If you have any medical issues, past or present then you will need a doctor to sign the medical form stating that you are fit to dive.

Dive briefing & shallow water training

Before you get in the water, our Instructor will brief you about how to use your scuba equipment and discuss any safety concerns with you. You can practice breathing with your scuba diving equipment on the boat before you arrive at the dive site. Our Dive team will assist you into the water and then together with our PADI Instructor, you will begin by breathing in the shallow waters of a nearby island. When you are comfortable, our Instructor will guide you on a tour of a nearby coral reef. Come and join us for a fun and safe day of scuba diving.

If you are still not sure and just want to make only one try dive, then go to Try scuba and snorkeling

Open Water Scuba Dive

After lunch, you can practice what you have learned in the first shallow water training dive and try a 2nd scuba dive that is usually more relaxing. Our Instructor will again guide you around the coral reef and let you explore the amazing underwater world.

Your PADI Discover Diving experience counts towards your full PADI Open Water Diver certification.

If you think you might want to continue after your discover dives, then ask your Instructor about spending two more fun-filled days here in Pattaya. PADI Openwater Course

All rental scuba diving equipment, One day boat trip, Two try dives with our experienced Instructors, hot lunch, drinks and hotel transfers included. Price : 4,000 Baht.