PADI Advanced Open Water Course

After you have completed your PADI Open Water Course, the next step is The PADI Advanced Course which will certify you to the next depth level of 30m/100ft. There is no classroom or pool training during this course. You will complete five PADI Adventure Dives and 5 Knowledge Development sections in your Adventures in Diving manual. Deep diving and navigation diving are compulsory and with your instructor, you will choose 3 more dives to complete over 2 days to qualify as an PADI Advanced Diver.


Included With Dive Course:

Your PADI Advanced Diver course includes 2 days (5 dives), rental  equipment, PADI Advanced Manual, PADI Certification, Hot lunch on the boat and Hotel taxi service.


Course Price:

 Advanced Open Water Course Price Including e-book and certification: 14,000 Baht.

Seafari Advanced

5 Adventure Dives Including Deep, Navigation and  Wreck Diving.

Now you are thinking of becoming an Advanced Diver you are ready to take the next step up the PADI Ladder. During section one of this course you will study “Thinking Like a Diver” This is a reminder and reinforcement of the good dive habits you have learned so far as well as adding in a few more. As an Advanced Level Diver, you may want to purchase some smaller dive items such as; Gloves, Compass, Dive computer, SMB or flash lights. Travel light with some basic small items like these and in certain situations you never know when you’ll need them, especially an SMB (Surface Marker Bouy)

As a Dive professional, You are expected to have a personal dive computer.

Advanced Course

As an Advanced diver travelling around it time to think about owning your own dive computer. Its makes you much more aware of your depth and time, allows you to control descent rates and make secure stops as well as tracking your surface intervals and safe dive limits.  An SMB, Surface Marker Buoy is also fast becoming a industry safety standard. They can be deployed before you ascend to warn away boat traffic from divers become coming to the surface and they can be used as a long distance signalling device to get boats attention from a far should you find yourself surfacing a long way from a boat or shore and requiring assistance. a small and inexpensive item that you could store in your pocket could save your life. Have these two items on your PADI Advanced Course and we will show you how to use them and become a better safer diver for it!

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