PADI Drift Course Seafari Dive Center Pattaya

Fly Beneath The Waves With A PADI Drift Diver Course!

This 1-day course is for scuba diver that like a fast-paced divers life! Drift diving! Drifting has become a widely popular dive technique across the world in many scuba diving destinations. Many days of the year here in Pattaya and most of Thailand we have some great currents to enjoy a good drift on. Our Seafari Dive Trip boats very often perform drift dives with advanced certified divers but learning to do it as a specialty diver course is a fun day! You could combine with a Dive package and not only enjoy some increased diver knowledge whilst having a fun dive trip but gain an extra certification towards your Master Scuba Rating at the same time also!.

Drift Dive Seafari Dive Center Pattaya Thailand

So, What is Drift Diving?

The term ‘Drift’ refers to going with the flow of a current which means starting an entry point A and then exiting at point B. This sound easy, and to some degree, it is, however, let’s not take for granted that the logistics for such a dive are very important and very different from a regular dive! This is where the PADI Drift Diver Specialty course comes in! Besides making sure you know where you are going its also important to note that the techniques for entry and exit do vary as well as the procedures underwater whilst dealing with various types of current and conditions.

Learn all about it with the PADI Drift Diver course!
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PADI Drift Diver Course – Options & Prices

1 Day
–  Drift Diver course – 7,300 Baht

The course includes diving equipment, training material, and license, (snacks and lunch on day trip diving option).

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