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Scuba diving On The Side? Dive Side mount with 2 Tanks!

This 2-day course is to teach divers to use 2 or more tanks in a side configuration. Twice the fun, twice the air supply, and twice the safety!  Once side mount certified you can dive another dive course with 2 tanks. Imagine the fun and difference of taking a deep diver course with 2x the air supply. This course includes an equipment and theory session, learning all about sidemount configuration, how to set it up and plan sidemount dives.

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So, what is Sidemount?

The term ‘Side mount’ refers to any scuba diving equipment configured with the tanks mounted on the side of the diver; this actually came from cave diving and wreck penetration dives, so typically a special dive harness or wing should be used in a proper configuration. This leads to extending the possible dive time and reducing the risks of low or out of air situations. Many divers train in sidemount because it’s much easier to use than a twin tank set for those wanting to carry two tanks. Getting in and out of the water is easier and more flexible with sidemount.

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Seafari sidemount

Enhance your diving with the PADI Sidemount course.

Progress your diving skills and increase your dive time.

As a “Sidemount Diver,” you have many benefits

Stay underwater longer by increasing gas supply.
Double Your Allowable Dive Time When used With Nitrox / Dive Computer.
Carry a backup air supply – 2 regulators and 2 tanks.
Diving with Sidemount is a good route into technical diving.

Seafari Sidemount Wreck Diving Pattaya Thailand

PADI Sidemount Course – Options & Prices

2 Day
– Sidemount Course – 14,500 Baht (all inclusive)

Combine the Sidemount course with your PADI Nitrox course

 Sidemount Course 14,500 + Nitrox 6,500 – (Get 2 free nitrox tanks saving 600 Baht) 2 certs for just 21,000 Baht.

The course includes Sidemount equipment, training materials, and certification fees,
(snacks/lunch on the boat).

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