pattaya beach front thailand

Diving Pattaya, Thailand

The seaside resort of Pattaya has a vibrant history and is located just and hour or so to the south east of the capital Bangkok. A lively place not to be missed, There is plenty of accommodation Options very close to Seafari Dive Center which are very popular for those looking for a bit of fun and entertainment whilst on a scuba diving holiday. Seafari Dive Center has been operating in Pattaya for around 45 years. Our  PADI Instructors are from English speaking countries.

Beginners will usually train in a swimming pool in the first instance before heading out to sea. The ship wrecks here are very popular with Advanced divers from all over the world. Ask about the exclusive dive trips to Samaesan area and the Hardeep wreck or the Khram wreck at the Pattaya far islands.

Pattaya Wreck Diving

There are a number of shipwrecks around the coastline. Wreck dives are found at both the near and far islands. These are popular places for diving schools to take advanced divers for fun as well as their wreck speciality students. These wrecks are home to numerous rare species including some endangered sharks.

Diving in Pattaya is a great day out whether you are taking a Dive Trip by yourself or with a group of friends. If you do choose to go it alone, we will put you in a group with other divers with a similar level of experience. Seafari will provide you with all the necessary equipment that is needed to complete you dive trip

Pattaya Wreck Diving Hardeep Wreck
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