Close up of a pink anenomefish ina sea anemone.

Diving Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya has many island dive sites that are accessible every day from the nearby islands to the Pattaya far island dive sites and all the way down the coast past Sattahip to the exclusive Samae San islands. With shipwrecks and shallower coral sites, there is something for everyone. Marine life is varied from Macro life to large sea turtles and on the rare occasion, we have encountered a marble ray or even Indo pacific dolphins.

Each day, Seafari Dive Center visits either the Pattaya or Samae San islands and we select the best option that suits the requirements of our divers and snorkelers.

Complete beginners are allowed to join us on our daily trips with one of our Instructors by their side. For PADI dive courses we usually begin in a swimming pool before heading out to sea.

There are a number of shipwrecks around the coastline. Wreck dive sites are found in both the near and far islands. The wrecks are a popular choice amongst divers whether on a training course or just fun diving. The shipwrecks here are very popular with advanced divers from all over the world. Ask us about our dive trips to the Samaesan area including the Hardeep Wreck or the Khram wreck at the Pattaya far islands.

Diving in Pattaya is a great day out whether you are taking a Dive Trip by yourself or with a group of friends. If you do choose to go it alone, we will put you in a group with other divers with a similar level of experience. Seafari will provide you with all the necessary equipment that is needed to complete your dive trip

Dive Instructor and two divers preparing to enter the water.