Since 1970, scuba divers have been exploring the waters around the Pattaya islands. Although not published by the media as one of the best diving locations in Thailand, Over the years, Pattaya Divers have encountered just as much amazing marine life as anywhere else. The Pattaya Wreck Dives is home to some amazing sea life not found commonly around any Thailand reef. The sands next to the Coral Reefs and deep reef areas are home to some real world-class macro life and Pattaya is home to the highest concentration of Seahorses and Turtles in the Gulf of Thailand.

macro diving pattaya

Macro Diving Pattaya & Samae San

Macro photography is very close up photography of small subjects. Pattaya is a macro heaven Read More

Nudibranch diving pattaya

Nudibranch Around Pattaya

These brightly colored sea slugs are called Nudibranchs. There are over 3,000 species… Read More

Turtle diving pattaya

Pattaya Islands are a Hive For Sea Turtles

If you go Scuba Diving in Pattaya, then you’ll have an encounter with a Turtle…Read More

Seahorse diving pattaya

Seahorses in Pattaya Our Rare Specialty.

Did you know there are seahorses in the Pattaya waters…even a rare breeding ground! Read More