Wreck Diving With Seafari

Exploring a shipwreck is one of the most popular reasons for learning to scuba dive and remains one of the most exciting types of dive available. The abundance of corals and marine life together with the history behind each wreck are often fascinating. To be swimming amongst the fish and be a part of the amazing underwater world is an experience that you will never forget.

For Advanced certified divers we visit one of the Pattaya shipwrecks everyday. We select the best option depending on wind and tides etc. The cost for a daily 2 dive trip is 3,000 Baht which includes one wreck and one shallower coral dive, all equipment, dive guide, hot lunch and hotel transfers.


Pattaya has five wrecks within recreational diving limits which are often visited by Seafari Dive Center.

The Hardeep wreck at Samae San is a 68-meter long cargo ship and is a genuine war wreck which lies at around 25 meters depth. The Ship was sunk by the allied forces during World War II after the Japanese army had commandeered the vessel to transport its cargo. Read Our Hardeep Wreck Article

A Diver Swimming through the inside of a Shipwreck

The modern-day Pattaya shipwrecks are the HTMS Khram and The HTMS Kut. Both are World War II landing crafts which were specially sunk by the Royal Thai Navy in 2003 and 2006 to create artificial reefs for wreck diving enthusiasts.

Over the past 15 years The Royal Thai Navy has relaced many of its American built vessels such as the HTMS Khram and HTMS Kut and generously laid them to rest in the Pattaya waters. The last one to be sunk as an artificial reef is the HTMS Mataphon in 2012.

On rare occasions we also dive the Petchburi Bremen wreck which is an 88-meter freighter that sunk around 1920 after an explosion in her engine room. She ran aground, took on water and came to rest at a depth of 20m. Because of its location and strong currents, we do not dive in this area as often as we would like to.

There are also two 600 year old Chinese Junk wrecks in Jomtien Bay. Extremely delicate and classified as national treasures, the Thai authorities are very sensitive about allowing divers on these wrecks. They have mostly been covered by sand now, though one still has some of its cargo of pottery visible.

New or experienced, people from all backgrounds want to go wreck diving especially around Pattaya due to its range of natural reefs, shipwrecks and all the luxuries of the West. Whatever standards you are accustomed to, or desiring for your break, Pattaya has something to make your holiday a delightful adventure.