The Wreck of the Hardeep

The Hardeep (Suddhadib) Wreck is one of the most exciting dives in the Pattaya area due to the vessels’ history and the duration it has spent on the seabed.

The wreck can be quite challenging at times due to the strong currents in the area but If your trip is planned to coincide with the high slack tide it can turn out to be a really awesome dive.

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Scuba Diver inside the Hardeep Ship Wreck in Thailand

History of the Hardeep (Suddhadib)

The steamship Suddhadib was built around 1918 in the Hong Kong shipyard and on completion, she set sail for the Kingdom of Siam. The ship was named after the kings’ favorite daughter, Princess Suddhadib who attended the ship’s blessing ceremony.

The vessel was mainly used for transporting cargo and passengers around Siam until 1945 when it was sent to Singapore to collect fuel and supplies for the Japanese army. Upon its return, it was unable to return to Bangkok and instead was diverted to Sattahip and then moved again to nearby Samae San.

During late May in 1945, a squadron of RAF Liberator bombers flew from Calcutta, India, and dropped several 1000Ib bombs on the Thai vessels in the area. The Suddhadib was hit and caught fire which caused it to quickly sink to the sea bed. All of the crew managed to escape safely and swim to the nearby islands.

The bombing raid lasted for just 20 minutes and the Liberator squadron immediately set off on their 6-hour return journey back to Calcutta.

The Vessel has been lying on its side ever since at around 25 meters depth. Now some 75 years later the Iron Steamship which is now known as The Hardeep has become encrusted with coral and is home to an abundance of marine life.

Inside The Hardeep Wreck, you will find massive open overhangs perfect for a wreck penetration dive. Although normally reserved for divers with a Wreck Specialty Certification there are some parts of the wreck you can simply swim straight through. Because of its large open cargo holds the penetration points are actually very easy which makes it great for wreck training dives or a fun diving experience for advanced divers.

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There is so much to see on the Hardeep Wreck, with seventy years of coral growth which in turn has attracted a plethora of marine life. The ships rusting hull is completely covered in corals and macro life and has become one of the best dive sites in Thailand to find a healthy bouquet of Nudibranchs.

You will also always find a good stock of larger fish here. Tusk fish, Parrotfish, Sting Rays, Bat Fish always occupy this wreck. Once in a while, some really special visitors arrive at the Hardeep. Turtles, large Marble rays, and even a whale shark have been known to pay a visit to the Samae San area including the Hardeep wreck.

Samaesan Location: Warasin Peir at Samaesan, Chonburi, Thailand