2 Dive Day Trips

Required Certifcation:  Any Certified Diver License.

Advanced Divers: One Wreck & One Coral Dive.

Open Water Divers: 2 Coral Dives.

Available: Every day.

Dive Trip Price: 3,000 Baht.


 Wreck Dives for Advanced Divers.

Required Certification: Advanced Open Water Diver.

Number Of Dives: 3 Dives, 1 Wreck & 2 Reef Dives.

Available: Every day.

Dive Trip Price: 3,800 Baht.


 Refresher Scuba Review

Required Certifcation: Any Certified Diver License.

Number Of Dives: 1 Refresher & 1 Reef Dive.

Available: Every day.

Dive Trip Price: 3,900 Baht.


Dive Packages Available


Available: Every day.

Number Of Dives: 10 Dives.

Dive Trip Price: 14,000 Baht.




Available: Every day.

Number Of Dives: 20 Dives.

Dive Trip Price: 27,000 Baht.

All Dive Trips and Dive Packages Include:-

Hotel transfers.

Full rental scuba Equipment.

Hot lunch,Tea, coffee, drinking water, served on board the boat.

PADI Instructor, dive guide and in water guide for snorkelers

Additional Dive Equipment Available

  • Enriched Air Nitrox Tanks – ฿300
  • Underwater Flash Lights – ฿300
  • Dive Computers – ฿300

Seafari Dive Center, Pattaya, Thailand

 Pattaya is just 90mins drive from Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK). This makes Diving in Pattaya the closest & easiest scuba diving destination from Bangkok with one day round trips easily achievable. Pattaya is a great scuba diving destination, Whether you want to dive for a day, a week or a weekend, Seafari offers various dive trip packages for all levels of diver including complete beginners. Pattaya has a vast amount of  accommodation options with many just a few minutes walk of Seafari Dive Center, Soi 12.

We would happy to be your dive guide for the day and take care of all your needs. You only need to bring the basics along such as; a swimsuit, a towel, sun screen and a fresh head after a good night’s rest ready to have some diving fun! You will find a delicious hot lunch served on our dive boat with water, tea, coffee, fruits, and snacks all included!

Pattaya diver Seafari

Daily Dive Trip Information

For your  Dive Trip,  we will collect you at 08:00am from your hotel in the Pattaya area and bring you to Seafari Dive center for registration. If you’re a certified diver, please bring along your diving certification card and log book.  If you’re joining for PADI Courses or to take a scuba diving lesson you may also follow our daily dive trips schedule under the supervision of our PADI instructors.

Our Dive boats depart at 9:00am to the Pattaya and Samae San Islands where you can explore some of the most amazing coral Reefs and Shipwreck dives Thailand Scuba Diving has to offer!

We typically return around 4pm.


How to Book a Dive Trip With Seafari

1) Contact us online
and let us know if you want to book a Pattaya Dive Trip or Dive Package

2) Tell Us Your Name and Certification Level
(eg Open Water, Advanced Open Water, etc)

3) Tell us mow many logged dives you have  and when was your last dive?
(eg, I have 31 dives, last dive 3 months ago)

4) Tell Us What Scuba Equipment you need?
(eg, I have my own mask but need the rest.)

5) Do You Need a Refresher?
(Not dived for 6 months? a refresher first is the safest)


searfari coral diving

Around the Pattaya and Samae San Islands you will find plenty of coral diving and shallow reef areas suitable for any level of scuba diver, Some sites really do have an excellent range of hard and soft corals between 3-25 meters depth. The Reef Diving here can be amazing with lots of Hawksbill Sea Turtles and Seahorses.

searfari wreck dive

Advanced & Experienced Divers Are Drawn To Wreck Diving! Exploring a shipwreck is one of the most popular reasons for getting into scuba diving. Our Daily Dive Trips in Pattaya and Samae San normally visit one of four different  wrecks, ranging in depths from 23m to 30m. There are more Wrecks In Pattaya Than anywhere else in Thailand!

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