Scuba Diving Equipment Explained


You’ve decided to explore the wonders of the deep sea and enjoy swimming among the schools of fish, sea turtles, and coral reefs. Before you dive, you need to make sure you have the right scuba diving equipment. Read on to find out what scuba diving equipment entails.


Scuba regulators allow you to breathe underwater. A regulator is connected to the cylinder. It then delivers air to your mouth when you inhale. You should also have a backup regulator, which is commonly known as an octopus. This regulator normally comes with a longer hose. It often features a bright yellow body, making it easy to find. It can be used by others in case of an emergency.
Scuba Diving Equipment

BCD – Buoyancy Control Device

A buoyancy control device (BCD) is a kind of jacket worn by scuba divers to regulate their buoyancy in the water. It works by adding or removing air to a built-in bladder in the jacket.

This adjusts the air volume, changing the neutral buoyancy in the sea, helping to float, descend or stay level. There are different types of BCDs to suit different situations. Lightweight BCDs are ideal for backpackers while the heavy-duty types are perfect for cold-water divers as they have plenty of lift.

Wetsuit & Weights

For a smooth descent in water, you need a weight system. A weight system will also help in regulating underwater buoyancy.  You will also need a wetsuit, which is necessary for protection and temperature regulation.

A good wetsuit can be the difference between a successful dive and a dangerous one. There are different types of wetsuits to suit different situations. For example, 3mm wetsuits are ideal for diving in the tropics.

If you’re planning for cold water diving, you should go for a 7mm wetsuit. For diving in areas of extremely cold temperatures, such as in Iceland, drysuits are recommended.

Mask & Fins

Your eyes are not designed to see through the water. A diving mask is designed to create a pocket of air to enable you to have an underwater view. These masks can withstand high pressure underwater.

This makes them a vital piece of scuba diving equipment. As a diver, you need to conserve energy in every possible way. However, swimming requires a lot of energy and oxygen. Fins are designed to help you swim more effortlessly underwater while giving you propulsion through the water.


Scuba diving equipment is necessary to make exploring the underwater world a comfortable and safe experience. The equipment ensures you a clear vision, ability to breathe, and the ability to swim effortlessly. Which ever gear you decide on, as long as you follow you dive equipment pre dive safety checks, you will be good!