5 good reasons to try scuba diving pattaya


As a Non-Diver You Have No Idea What Amazing Experiences Await You!

For those people about to Try Scuba Diving in Thailand is the perfect place to go! If you love water, aquatic animals, exploration, swimming or just being in or near to the ocean, scuba diving lessons hold the key to unlocking your wildest dreams! There’s definitely nothing quite like breathing underwater when scuba diving!

Escape Try Scuba Diving In Thailand Near Bangkok

If you’re about to visit Thailand and have never experienced scuba diving before, you should know that Pattaya is less than 2hrs from Bangkok making it an easy day out or detour experience to include on your holiday! Here are five good reasons to give it a try! Thailand offers some of the best scuba diving sites in the world so if you plan to have a holiday in this beautiful country or are fortunate enough to live there, read on.

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Good Reason No# 1 – It’s Easy To Try Scuba Diving!

Some people may think scuba diving is difficult – wrong. It’s not an extreme sport or dangerous as some may like to think. To try scuba diving, as a bare minimum, you need to be able to kick your legs slowly and of course, breathe! A fully qualified instructor will be by your side throughout your try dive experiences.

Good Reason No# 2 – Divers Can Handle Pressure!

No Seriously, many people are worried about the water pressure so much they are afraid to try scuba diving! Don’t be! One of the very first things we teach you is how to equalize the pressure as we descend. With proper training, this is as easy as blowing your nose and our dedicated instructors watch and assist you in shallow water before to allow you to practice this skill. You will learn even more during your Open water Diver Course.

Scuba Diving at Samae San

Good Reason No# 3 – Divers See The World Differently!

Once you have experienced breathing underwater and explored your first underwater reef you will be hooked. We all have our vices so I guess in the larger scheme of things, scuba junkie isn’t so bad!
Try Scuba Diving In Thailand It’s Easy and Fun The reason scuba diving is so addictive is because of the overall experience of scuba diving:- To enjoy the beautiful underwater marine life To see unusual coral reef dive sites and shipwrecks To maybe see Manta Rays, Dolphins, Sea Turtles or perhaps. if you’re really lucky, even Sharks! To enjoy the peace and solitude of underwater Scuba diving, unlike snorkeling, means you don’t have to surface to breathe. All the diving equipment you need to wear becomes light in weight so you have a floating, almost flying sensation underneath the ocean as you scuba dive.

Good Reason No# 4 – Divers Holidays Are Awesome!

The fourth reason to try scuba diving is that it will make your holiday even more enjoyable and exciting. Many people like to sunbathe but after a while, some become a little restless. Scuba diving keeps you active, creates wonderful memories and provides the opportunity to see different species of underwater life. Share the secrets of the ocean and treasure what you see. There’s also the chance to make new friends with people from all over the world who love scuba diving.

Fitness scuba diving pattaya 5 good reasons

Good Reason N0# 5 – Divers Get a Free Easy Workout!

The final reason to try scuba diving is that it is a good workout by making the body use muscles in a calm, warm environment. Gliding and kicking through the water will strengthen your muscles without straining yourself while keeping other joints free from pain. Your mind and body will feel very relaxed, helping you to forget any worries or stress you may have. Next time you’re on holiday whether it’s in the beautiful Thai resorts of Phuket, Krabi or Pattaya, why not give scuba diving a try? You will not only feel a sense of achievement if it’s your first time but are sure to want to enjoy scuba diving again.

If you would like to try scuba diving with us here at Seafari in Pattaya, we conduct try dives every day and if you like your first underwater experience, we are also a full PADI dive center, which means you may continue and complete your first PADI Scuba Diving License here with us also!

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